concreate panels

I am loving these new concreate wall panels from Royal Oak floors.  They are fire retardant, so a good product to use around a fireplace.  The product is adhered to the wall like a fibre cement board and not grouted, and apparently is easy to cut.  I love that they come in a huge 600 x 1200mm format.  Sold in packs of 4 tiles at $285 per pack it works out to $85 per square meter before installation, not a bad price for a huge impact, a good wallpaper will set you back more.  

Another interesting looking product from Royal Oak floors is this floating staircase system below which doesn't require a steel beam to be cut into the wall.  Interesting if you are wanting to retrofit floating stairs.  Very beautiful looking product too.

We used their gorgeous wooden floors in our home and I am very happy with them.  Wish I had a spot for those wall tiles.

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