casual table... a pretty cutlery wrap diy

When the girls come for dinner I like to have a little bit of bling on the table.  This time I experimented with the Fiskars tag maker to create these quick and pretty cutlery wraps, with a little bit of bling of course.

To make the double sided tags for the wrap I punched each tag twice, once to create a normal tag, and a second time to create the swing tag shape on each side.  

Make your own - clockwise from top left

  • Use punch as normal to make an ordinary shaped tag.
  • Hold the punch upside down and feed your tag back into the slot.  By holding it upside down you can make sure you have fed the paper in the correct way, and decide how big you want the finished tag to be.  
  • Feed each end of the tag into the eyelet punch slot and create a hole on both ends.  The great thing about this punch is that you get a perfectly centered hole every time.

To finish:

  • Cut a 20cm length of sequins and thread each end through a hole, creating a loop at the back of the tag.
  • Write your message or name on the tag
  • Wrap a linen serviette around the cutlery, slip the bundle through the sequin loop and gently pull tight.  

It was as simple as that, easy to do while you watch your favourite TV show the night before, and a very pretty addition to an otherwise very casual table.

I am going to be having a lot of fun with this tag maker as we enter the festive season.  Present labels, jar tags, decorations, perhaps tags for a thanks giving tree.  I do love a craft tool that really makes your life easier.  

The Fiskars tag maker was given to me to road test, but all opinions are, as always, my own.

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