Modern barn in monochrome

Yes I know you have all seen the lovely images of Ellen Degeneres' gorgeous ranch in Elle Decor already, but when I saw the interior it reminded me of some of my other favourites and I wanted to see them all together.  Vaulted ceilings, lots of white painted wood, and black or worn wood details all seem to do it for me.  
The rooms above and below are from Ellen's ranch via Elle Decor.  I think the triangular cowhide rug in ivory from Pure Rugs would be a perfect match.  I know I want it!
I wonder what the circle is on the far wall, something found and perfect. Another vaulted white wood ceiling, but this time with concrete floors.  This is a favourite room from a favourite blog, Emma's Design Blog.  I keep my eyes peeled for trees being taken down because one day I will make a tree stump stool on casters like this one.  It just needs this chevron cowhide in ivory to be soft under foot, from Pure Rugs again.

Above is a favourite home, I could move in tomorrow.  Lots of white with black details. This is one of my most favourite favourite kitchens, and that hat rack...perfection.  They are from a villa in St Barths and it's worth popping in here to see it all.

Who wouldn't love being in these open pared back spaces.  Just enough to be comfortable, worn and comfy and ready for living in.  


  1. I love every single photo...I wish my house looked like that!

    1. So do I!!! I have seen your home on your blog - it is pretty gorgeous too.

  2. That is gorgeous. I love the ceilings and exposed beams too, quite a feature in itself!


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