doing not the school holidays

This is some of what we have been getting up to this school holidays, inspiration and our 
versions.  Its been a lot of fun, I love having Miss E around more.

I have been wanting to make my own mugs for ages, ever since I saw the diy done by Amanda at Whistle & Whit.  I also did my own version of the Sarjaton mug, particularly pleased with this version.  My porcelain mugs cost $4.50 from Target and the Pebeo porcelain paint was $7 a tube off ebay.  The sarjaton mug in the right hand circle is $22 before delivery - good result all around.

Make your own snake finger puppets with the template from Mr Printables.

In other news the Ikea hack is progressing, the cupboards are in but we are battling with how to do the connecting shelves.  Still have to get the shoe shelves from Ikea, they are frustratingly out of stock.  So far I have done one trip to Ikea and two to the hardware store.  Trips to the store are never shown in diy tutorials.
I have also cut most of the fabric for my day bed cushion covers.  And of course we are well into rainbow birthday preparations.  So its busy busy busy at our house right now.  
I will keep you posted on the progress when life slows down so pop back soon.

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