little letters of the season

Autumn is my favourite season, clear warm days, crisp mornings, and cool evenings perfect for fires and cuddling.  Sydney has been glorious this year.

Posts may be slightly slower the next two weeks, its school holidays and there is lots to be done.    I will be attempting my first Ikea hack, finally tackling the shoe problem at the front door.  Miss E and I will be decorating mugs, testing a pin I have had on my diy board for years, and of course there is a birthday to celebrate.

I mentioned before you can now follow me on Bloglovin.  I have been using it myself and am very pleased with how its working - it doesn't spam your mailbox, in fact you can choose not to receive emails at all.  You get a sneak preview of each post, not the entire thing, I like it.  So if you are keen, click here to follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Enjoy the change of season where ever you are, and feel free to add your little letters too.
Dear neighbours don't think I am odd when I collect the leaves from the sidewalk, I am adding them to my compost heap and you should too.
Dear Ikea why can't I order online, I know what I want and I don't have the time for a long ikea trip, especially in school holiday.
Dear school lunches I am enjoying this time apart, there are only so many cheese sandwiches I can make without getting really bored.
Dear Fender why do cats want to play at three in the morning!  Its a good thing you are so cute because being waking up with a cat on my head makes me grumpy.
Dear Ikea hackers you are amazing, I am feeling very inspired and very handy after reading all your posts.  Lets hope my hack is a success and not a pinstrosity.

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