It's a small small world

True story.  We are sitting on Waikiki beach under one of several hundred umbrellas and a boy comes up and offers the family next to me his body board, they are leaving that day and aren't taking it with them.  I look over and say how lovely that was and we start chatting, it turns out we are both from Sydney, not such a coincidence in lovely Hawaii.  
I go off for a swim and when I get back the lovely lady I was chatting to says, I think you live next door to my sister in law.  What! Our daughters recognized each other and realized we had all met at a BBQ last year.   And yes once we had removed hats and sunnies we recognized each other too.  Holy piña colada!! 

As for Hawaii, it's gorgeous.  Waikiki is very busy and full but even with all the bustle very beautiful and very relaxed and possibly the nicest beach I have ever swum at.  Sunset over the sea is spectacular, the people are friendly and the piña coladas plentiful, we love it.

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  1. Fabulous!!! What a lovely half way stop between Aus and the States:). Yes it is indeed a small world.


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