don't you love...a fresh start

I am always a fan of white rooms with a zip of fresh colour.  These rooms are so zesty I thought they were the perfect way to start a new year.  Makes me want to paint everything white and start all over again.

Pallet day bed with bright colour via Table Tonic, gorgeous bunting photo

Aged pale blues 

Duck egg country: Gild and Grace (left), Better Homes & Gardens (right)

Turquise and white via mmh artsy!

Rainbow and white myparadissi

Rainbow tolix and white white white via inspired-design

Don't you love a fresh start - lets hope 2013 has all this energy and fun for us all.


  1. The white looks so lovely and fresh, I love the kitchen sink at the window, it reminds me of doing dishes at my nanna after Sunday lunch:)


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