When in Waikiki...

This beach is world famous for a reason!  Warm shallow water and endless waves gently rolling in, it's no surprise surfing was invented here.

This is what we would do again in Waikiki:
- book a beach front umbrella for the morning.  Somewhere to store your bags and towels and shelter from the sun.  The beach is BUSY so sand space is at a premium.
- enjoy cocktails and a sunset view at Dukes (also good for breakfast and burgers)
- eat lettuce wraps and teriyaki beef at PF Chang's
- shop at the ABC stores just outside the hotels and save: inflatables, sunblock and cool drinks.  
- eat a shave ice in rainbow colours
- do a sea cruise from the beach (listen out for the conch shells as they look for customers)
- wear a really loud island style sarong or shirt, where else are you going to get away with it
- say mahalo (thank you) and aloha (hello)
- take a surfing lesson
- save your shopping for the evening, everything is open until 10 or 11pm
- visit the outdoor International Market for more tourist kitsch than you can shake a stick at and a truly amazing giant fig tree that shades the entire block with its vast canopy.  The food market is lit up at night Singapore style with lights dripping from the trees.

Let me know if you have something to recommend, we are definately going back. 

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