new year refresh...

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, so loved having lazy unstructured time off with my girls.  I had the time to play house a bit, moving things around as usual, decluttering here and there, and adding one or two things like this amazing pineapple plant.

Enjoyed these ideas on 10 free (or nearly free) things you can do to refresh your home right now - by Chris Loves Julia.  

I have been doing quite a few of them the past week or so including purging my closet before going back to work, tossing clothes that just don't make me feel good, or that no longer fit, or that are simply way out of style.

This lead me down a rabbit hole to Un-Fancy which is a blog about mindful style focusing on capsule wardrobes (see Caroline's pic above) which I have always like the idea of but never really achieved.

Simply love the idea of having clothes that all work together and which you wear often and then replace, rather than my current situation of lots of clothes that don't all go together.  Mine will always be a little bigger than this as I have a corporate wardrobe and a home/life wardrobe.   But I am trying to change the corporate look to a more smart casual look so perhaps there is more room for overlap.  Am going back for another read.

Hope you are getting some time for planning and organising as we start the new year.

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