Wednesday, December 5, 2018

new home...freshly painted wall in the master

Its the same bed but this house I have painted the wall behind it a soft grey.  The grey has made it stand out so beautifully.  See here to see how it looked against white, or to make your own.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

gifts with giving

Many of us want to gift more sustainably & intentionally this year.  So I have rounded up my fave gifts that give back to the community & the environment, and that I love to give.  

And if these don't work: choose a local business, buy honey from a beekeeper, be intentional.

yarn projects fold up shopping bag | 
donation to northern beaches womens shelter | 
cotton on gifts that count 2018 
huskee cups - reusable coffee cups made from coffee grinds 

May you and yours have peace, health & happiness

Monday, November 26, 2018

kara rosenlund...girl crush

I am a huge fan of Kara Rosenlund and all her work, and her home is simply gorgeous.
She posted an update recently and all I can say is #stylinggoals.  If I tried to style with this many things it would just be a mess, but Kara makes it looks sublime.  See the rest on her blog.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

new home reshuffle in the master

Most of these pieces have been in our bedroom a while, although the malawi chair was in the bathroom once.  Previously we had a mirror over the table but these ceilings aren't high enough and the art is perfect.  Loving how they look with the dark cabinetry and plantation shutters in this new space.

Couldn't fit my gorgeous kenza rug in this room, so swapped it for Miss E's from her last bedroom.
And yes the styling on the table has obviously not happened yet.  Thinking less might be more on this side of the room.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

guest room reshuffle

While moving house is not my fave, it is fun to shuffle up your things a bit.  This bed and bedside table was previously Miss J's, the painting has usually been the living room, the rug was in the study, the cushions were on the outdoor couches, & the lamp is at least 10 years old. 

I am kind of loving how it all looks together, especially the blush and rusty colour combo.
I am also loving that I didn't have to buy one thing to make this new look happen.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

colour blocking with florals

These simple modern arrangements are all over instagram and are super easy to achieve.  They seem to work best with lots of leaves and fewer flowers, cheaper too.  

For this one I used glossy magnolia leaves with their rusty brown undersides, earthy gumnuts, and pieris for a touch of fresh white.  I love the way pieris drapes.  Orchids or amaranthus would have been equally lovely.

So easy to do.  First arrange the largest leaves in your vase, then keeping the other elements tied in their bunches add them so that they overlap slightly but don't mingle with each other.

This is a first glimpse at our new rental.  We are soooo much happier in this larger and lighter space.  Natural light is everything.

I have taken the opportunity to toss a few things and upgrade a few others.  Loving our new rug under the dining table which seems to make the blush chairs pop.  The whole space is feeling layered and textured.

Went back to look at my trend pick for the year and this room is certainly on track for the year.  As I predicted olive and safari greens are a big thing, blush is still divine, and the scandi look is softening up.  I love green and have always had some in my interiors, but there are so many shades and textures available right now, in soft furnishing and ceramics.  Getting some lovely new velvet cushions for the living room soon.   So much fun playing in a new space now that the upheaval of moving is over.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

early spring inspo

its getting warmer and I am looking forward to spending more time outside

clay & quartz necklaces by Harper + Wilde | linen dresses | pineapples

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New headboard...some diys take a long time

Finally!!  This headboard has been in my head for month (you can see the original concept here).
 We are renting, and it looks like we will be for at least another year (sigh) so to have the Worleys Lighting sconces in my bedroom that I so wanted, I had to figure out how to get them on the walls without putting any fixings in the walls.  It was also time for a refresh, I made the last headboard a few years ago and it never quite worked, and the bedside tables were just to high.

Soooo the concept was to build an extra wide headboard and attach the lights directly to the sides and then plug them into the wall.  Originally I was going to only wrap the middle section behind the bed in fabric and attach the lights directly to the wood.  But, when I had my supersize piece of ply behind the bed and draped the fabric this way it just didn't look right.  So, I decided to upholster the whole piece and attach the lights through the fabric.  

Upholstering a headboard is pretty easy, there are a million tutorials out there and all you need is a good staple gun and lots of staples.  Making a hole through the upholstered headboard was a different story.  Lots of stories about how not to do it, no success stories.  The problem is that when you try and screw through fabric, the screw grabs the fabric and twists it out of shape.  I decided to have a test run on a spare piece of ply, after fiddling around, and several wrong turns, this is how you can do it too.  First a photo to inspire you to do it too.

How to do it yourself

  1. Decide where you want the sconces and pre drill the holes in your headboard.  Don't upholster first and try and do the placement afterwards, much to tricky.
  2. Drill not only fixings for the light, but a hole that you can feed the electrical cord through.  You want the electrical cords to go behind the headboard, neat and tidy.
  3. Upholster the headboard as normal. I used a thick batting and a lovely upholstery grade linen with a crushed look.  Lots of tutorials out there on how to do it, just buy a good staple gun and deep staples.
  4. Once the upholstery is done, poke a pen through your pre-drilled holes (from the back) and mark the fabric lightly so that you can see where the light will be placed from the front side.  
  5. Make a template of the sconce back plate and mark a line edge a cm in from the edge.  You want a shape that is slightly smaller than the back plate but extends over the fixing holes.  This is just easiest to see in the picture below.
  6. Using the pen mark as a guide, place the template on the fabric exactly where you want the light to end up, and trace around it with  a pencil.  
  7. Now this is the important bit.  Staple along the pencil line you have marked out.  You have made the template smaller than the backplate, so all the staples will fit under the backplate when you attach it.
  8. Staple along the full pencil line so that the fabric will stay nice and tight.  Now, take a pair of sharp scissors and carefully snip away the fabric covering the screw holes.  You are clearing a space which will allow you to put the fixings in without pulling the fabric.
  9.  To make it even stronger, and try and prevent the fabric fraying, I turned the snipped fabric edges back over the stapled line and put some more staples in.
  10. Once you have created a clear space, snip away the upholstery foam or batting.
  11. Run the electrical cables through the predrilled hole and attach the sconces.
Woohooo!  You are almost there.

For an even neater finish we cut a 5x5 cm hole at the middle of the base of the bed, just above floor level.  We then ran the electrical cables down the back of the headboard, through the hole and up the bed to a switch that we have attached to the edge of the bed with cable clips.  The cable then ran back through the hole behind the headboard to the plugs.

My sconce is from the USA so I hired an electrician to do the wiring for me.  It took about 2 hours but was worth every dollar to know we have wiring that it to code and won't start any fires.  Using a sconce wired to Australian standards would have made this easier and also a job you can do yourself.

I totally love how it turned out and once I finally started doing it only took me about a day.  The problem was deciding how to tackle the thing and, as always, making that first cut or putting in the first staple is the hardest thing to do.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

insta inspo

I am still here!  Just been a very busy time and the something that had to give was writing for the blog.  But we are still dreaming and creating, this is a little insta inspo from some projects and things we like right now.
and more on that headboard diy soon