courtyard plans and inspiration

Our house is designed in a U shape which creates a north facing courtyard, sheltered from the cold southerly winds and the west sun.  We hope to eat and cook out here often.  Totally inspired by this home again, love the clean lines of the pergola, the huge table, the generous BBQ area.

The walls making up the U will be  a mix of cladding and stone, adding lots of texture and life to the area.  
Undecided about the floors but we will probably extend the limestone outside.  I know I don't want the entire area paved, would like large pavers with green ground cover in between (no mowing for this space).

Hoping this is going to be a windfree sun trap in the cooler months, and a shaded refuge on a hot summers day.

farm kitchen plans

The heart of our new home will be the kitchen, central to the living spaces and with gorgeous views north and west.  What I can't show you is the green outside the windows - so much green.

This kitchen by Sarah Sherman Samuel is a huge inspiration.  Fresh, white, but not bland.

The layout is going to be very similar to the one we built previously.  We know we like the size, and the separate butlers pantry to hide all the mess when you are entertaining.  
I always wanted to improve the wall behind the stove, this time we are adding the shelf to either side of the extractor hood, and wrapping the wall with texture, cladding above, stone below.

I can't decide about the stone on the island yet, should it be white or stone again?  Trying not to let questions like these keep me up at night.  First world problems right.

The palette is very neutral, limestone floors and white cabinets.  We will be adding a touch of wood and brass to warm it up.  Hoping to have wood milled from our property to make the bench legs. 

Its a great base for adding colour with styling and objects, I can't wait to play with the shelf display, right now I am imagining shades of green and my Mud Australia bowls.  
More importantly, its going to be a great place to cook together, eat, laugh, entertain and enjoy life.

barn bathroom plans

I am really excited about the barn spaces, tucked into the spaces under the pitched roof, with the magical feeling of roof windows and secret views.
Tile choices will remain similar to those of the other bathrooms, with white finger tiles and pale grey floors, and brushed brass taps from Brodware.  
Loving this pendant light right now, the brass piece can be twisted around the glass sphere to focus how the light falls.

Simple spaces, flooded with light, the end.

farm entrance...grand plans

Drama drama drama.  Contrast is what this entrance is all about.  The black barns, the stone detail, the green planting.

Colorbond in Monument will make up the barn walls.  The stone detail leads you to the front door and there will be some great lighting washing the walls at night.  I imagine the planting as soft plants within very geometric beds, inspired by this entrance by Lutsko Associates below.

Once you get through the front door (I love love this black door below) on your right will be a staircase something like this one (below right).

Loving the crisp feel of the contrasting textures & colours.   

farm guest bath finishes and floor plan

I was getting super confused about this room until my good friend Bina suggested I limited the materials.  Mim Design is my inspiration again (below right) with this textured luxurious space.  Our room is smaller but I want to create the same feeling.

The materials are going to be very similar to those in the master bathroom to create a sense of continuity throughout the whole house.  In this room we are using plain white finger tiles to set off the marble look porcelains.  Fresh and modern but very classic too.

I am totally obsessed with the sconce by Workstead, but working with a lighting designer this past weekend opened my eyes to another option.  So after thinking this plan was final final, turns out the lights might change.

We know that although small, this layout really works, the footprint is identical to the bathrooms we had in a previous home, with a few decorative changes.

Firstly a shelf runs the full length of the bathroom which allows us to recess the toilet into the wall, plus creates a place to stand soaps and shampoos at the basin and in the shower.  

Second, the lighting is going to be better.  We are working with a lighting designer which is going to make sure we get the most of out each space, more on that process soon.  He suggested we replace the scone with pendant on the right of the basin to reflect light and shadows off the walls.  I like, we want to create moodiness, and he showed me a pendant that is just perfect.

Just goes to show you can never call a plan final until it is completely installed.

main bath plans...

Been sifting through my huge inspiration boards making a final short list

I kept coming back to the same images for the bathrooms, many of them by Mim Design.  But the one above (bottom left corner) is still one of my faves.

Our main bathroom is not huge but I hope it will have a luxe feel, with a steam shower with seats at each end, views out onto the hill, and lovely stone look floors.

The finishes are very simple: white boards on the walls on the left and behind the toilet (they look gray in my sketches), marble look tiles that will wrap the steam shower and floors, & brushed brass taps from Brodware.

The pendant needs to be something special and I love the ones from Ro Sham Beaux which are not in my budget.  Will keep searching.

I want the mirror cabinet to be edged with black with a recessed light on the bottom edge, like in the Mim Design above.

Feels to be good to moving from inspiration to definite decisions.  Can't wait until we actually start building.

interior pallette... first steps

Its going to be very simple, lots of light, lots of white, some wood, some stone, and tons of green through the windows.

Moodboard: clockwise from top left - bathroom with white tiles laid straight, scyon cladding in smooth, super white granite for kitchen and bathroom counter tops, brass pulls, pendant by Brendan Ravenhill, dining nook by Park and Oak Design, joinery detail, grey linen look curtains, Andorra limestone pavers