Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New headboard...some diys take a long time

Finally!!  This headboard has been in my head for month (you can see the original concept here).
 We are renting, and it looks like we will be for at least another year (sigh) so to have the Worleys Lighting sconces in my bedroom that I so wanted, I had to figure out how to get them on the walls without putting any fixings in the walls.  It was also time for a refresh, I made the last headboard a few years ago and it never quite worked, and the bedside tables were just to high.

Soooo the concept was to build an extra wide headboard and attach the lights directly to the sides and then plug them into the wall.  Originally I was going to only wrap the middle section behind the bed in fabric and attach the lights directly to the wood.  But, when I had my supersize piece of ply behind the bed and draped the fabric this way it just didn't look right.  So, I decided to upholster the whole piece and attach the lights through the fabric.  

Upholstering a headboard is pretty easy, there are a million tutorials out there and all you need is a good staple gun and lots of staples.  Making a hole through the upholstered headboard was a different story.  Lots of stories about how not to do it, no success stories.  The problem is that when you try and screw through fabric, the screw grabs the fabric and twists it out of shape.  I decided to have a test run on a spare piece of ply, after fiddling around, and several wrong turns, this is how you can do it too.  First a photo to inspire you to do it too.

How to do it yourself

  1. Decide where you want the sconces and pre drill the holes in your headboard.  Don't upholster first and try and do the placement afterwards, much to tricky.
  2. Drill not only fixings for the light, but a hole that you can feed the electrical cord through.  You want the electrical cords to go behind the headboard, neat and tidy.
  3. Upholster the headboard as normal. I used a thick batting and a lovely upholstery grade linen with a crushed look.  Lots of tutorials out there on how to do it, just buy a good staple gun and deep staples.
  4. Once the upholstery is done, poke a pen through your pre-drilled holes (from the back) and mark the fabric lightly so that you can see where the light will be placed from the front side.  
  5. Make a template of the sconce back plate and mark a line edge a cm in from the edge.  You want a shape that is slightly smaller than the back plate but extends over the fixing holes.  This is just easiest to see in the picture below.
  6. Using the pen mark as a guide, place the template on the fabric exactly where you want the light to end up, and trace around it with  a pencil.  
  7. Now this is the important bit.  Staple along the pencil line you have marked out.  You have made the template smaller than the backplate, so all the staples will fit under the backplate when you attach it.
  8. Staple along the full pencil line so that the fabric will stay nice and tight.  Now, take a pair of sharp scissors and carefully snip away the fabric covering the screw holes.  You are clearing a space which will allow you to put the fixings in without pulling the fabric.
  9.  To make it even stronger, and try and prevent the fabric fraying, I turned the snipped fabric edges back over the stapled line and put some more staples in.
  10. Once you have created a clear space, snip away the upholstery foam or batting.
  11. Run the electrical cables through the predrilled hole and attach the sconces.
Woohooo!  You are almost there.

For an even neater finish we cut a 5x5 cm hole at the middle of the base of the bed, just above floor level.  We then ran the electrical cables down the back of the headboard, through the hole and up the bed to a switch that we have attached to the edge of the bed with cable clips.  The cable then ran back through the hole behind the headboard to the plugs.

My sconce is from the USA so I hired an electrician to do the wiring for me.  It took about 2 hours but was worth every dollar to know we have wiring that it to code and won't start any fires.  Using a sconce wired to Australian standards would have made this easier and also a job you can do yourself.

I totally love how it turned out and once I finally started doing it only took me about a day.  The problem was deciding how to tackle the thing and, as always, making that first cut or putting in the first staple is the hardest thing to do.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

insta inspo

I am still here!  Just been a very busy time and the something that had to give was writing for the blog.  But we are still dreaming and creating, this is a little insta inspo from some projects and things we like right now.
and more on that headboard diy soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

the magic of an attic

I just love an attic room.  There is such a child like delight in sleeping under the eaves with windows that peak out at unexpected views.  We are planning two attic spaces for our farm house, one for bedrooms, one as a work/study/music room.  So my pinterest board is full of attic spaces right now.

I just love this attic bathroom, doesn't have to be big, its the window that makes all the difference.  And I love an encaustic style tile.
Cannot find the original pin, if anybody knows please let me know as I would love to see the rest of this space.

Friday, March 23, 2018

joanna logue

Currently obsessed with these evocative works by Joanna Logue.  They feel like photo's misted by rain but are actually oil or acrylic paintings.  I just love them and would love to see one hanging on my wall.

Definitely on the lust have list.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

at home

This whole year of renting I have been so good about not buying new things, but finding a new home is taking longer than I had hoped and it is time for a few small changes.  

Our bedroom needs an update, our furniture is unchanged from our old house, see here for what the space looks like now (bad iphone pic alert).  I love our rug, it is so soft and cosy to walk on, but I am really tired of my badly made head board (#notagooddiy) and the black bedside lamps are just not working for me any more.

I am feeling very inspired by the bedrooms created by Amber Lewis (above left) which are fresh and peaceful but for sure not boring.  Her designs always feel warm, even though the palette is very restrained.  I am totally in love with the Aspen sconces by Worley's Lighting (their lights are amazing!) but the problem is we can't fix them onto the wall since we are renting.
I have come up with a plan!  I am going to make an extra wide headboard from plywood and attach the lights directly to the wood (see bed inset above right).  (I haven't figured out how I am going to plug them in yet, I feel an internet search coming on.)  

I don't love a wooden headboard, bit to hard, so I am going to wrap the wood directly behind the bed with this gorgeous faux leather from Warwick, Eastwood in fawn.  It is a lovely fabric, easy to cut and sew, I used it to make some cool outdoor cushions.
The sconces will be as above except that the back plate will be in aged ash (circle of wood above) rather than walnut.  I love grey tones in wood.

So now I have a plan, I have ordered the lamps, and I just have to find a way to make the rest of it happen.  Watch this space.  

It feels really good to be plotting some diy again, tinkering on our home is probably the thing I miss most about renting rather than owning.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

louise walsh interior design...

Love the styling in these spaces by Louse Walsh Interior Design  
It is making me feel I need to up my bedside game!

Browse through her projects when you have a moment

Dining room and bedroom from Beach house in Newcastle (above)

Gorgeous home in Bangalow (above)

I have been so careful the past year of renting to try and not get furniture specific to the rental house.  But I think I need to do something about my bedroom.  Its been the same for a few years and its time for a refresh.  These spaces have really got me thinking.

Friday, February 23, 2018

window seat...

Cats really do choose the best spots

Source unknown

Friday, January 26, 2018

best way to store documents

Now you see it...

Now you don't - just how good document storage should be: organised, secure, hidden!  

Want to be super organised too?  Here are my top storage system tips.

Having moved from house with a separate study with tons of storage to a house with this storage(above) a big sort out of our filing was a real necessity.  
Using these file n' store suspension crates (see below) all our paperwork  is more secure and organised than ever before.

The trick is to buy one crate and a whole heap of suspension files and just start.  
File like items with like and keep going.  So all house bills together, all medical together, important documents together.  You can shift things around later on and add crates as you need them.

I find it most useful to group sets of similar items, like household bills (see below right) with the label tabs one behind each other.  I know everything in the same row is related which makes it far easier to find what you are looking for.  It is also easy to add another tab in the same category.

I have different crates for:

  • taxes
  • household which includes: expenses, household and phone contracts, & important documents such as birth certificates, passports 
  • warranties & user manuals (these add up to a lot of paper) + iphone boxes
  • precious objects that need storage and aren't displayed

Within each crate my categories work something like this:

  • household expenses: water, power, gas
  • medical: reports, vaccination & insurance
  • cars: a folder for each car containing purchase documents, annual registrations & insurance
  • house hold insurance
  • mobile contracts
  • passports

Keep a folder marked "unfiled" for all the bills and correspondence you haven't paid or filed yet.  This stops your desk or kitchen counter from accumulating piles of envelopes and papers.  When you are ready you can go straight to your "unfiled" section and deal with it easily.  You are less likely to lose something important or miss a payment.

Within one crate I also have a smaller box file (something like this) which contains our passports, birth certificates, wills ect.  If I have time to grab just one thing in a fire I know everything really important and hard to replace is in this folder.

The best thing about the crates is that they are secure, documents are unlikely to fall out and get lost, and they will stay dry.  They fit in an ordinary cupboard space and stack which makes them easy to store safely and out of sight.

For us as renters currently this means that come moving day I will know exactly where all the important stuff is.   

Monday, January 15, 2018

trends for 2018...

Can I just say that I am loving where interiors are heading at the moment.  

2018 feels softer, still fresh and clean but softened by very natural sages and blush.  Greens in every colour are in but especially tones of olive and sage, greens muted with greys.  Blush is still going strong (I am still smitten) and warming these softer colours up is a curated amount of plum and mustard.  

Our love affair with brushed brass and bronze continues, pairing beautifully with soft grey or white walls and joinery.  Lighter woods also soften these white on white or soft grey interiors, and by light wood I mean pale wood tones lightly limed or washed, not the blonde woods or heavily limed woods of the previous decade.

I do think that black hardware in bathrooms will pass.  However crisp black steel frames on shower screen and windows are in, these classic industrial frames never really go out of style.  Small crisp amounts of black in furnishings and fittings (like windows) are going to keep the soft colour palette sophisticated.

Sling or campaign style chairs are going to be even bigger this year, although leather tones will soften from browns to tan, again a look that never goes out of style.   

Even kitchens feel a bit softer this year.  We are moving away from waterfall panels of stone, instead islands are being dressed with legs in wood or steel making them look more like tables.  I wasn't sure about this look but this kitchen by Kyal and Kara has me sold, the wood makes the space look a bit country kitchen but in a modern way.  I don't think we will see to many more black kitchens, they are being swapped for grey and sage and of course white is always timeless.

There doesn't seem to be any navy in my pics, but of course navy is always classic and will work beautifully with blush, sage and grey.  Looking back at the mood boards they appear to be equal parts Australian and Californian, an interesting blend that is sophisticated and warm but quite modern and pared back.

All in all it is my favourite year for a while.   Soft and washed out by the sun (like my 25 year old kilims) but with grey tones and hints of black keeping it from being to sweet.
I love it all and hope to get a chance to put it into a new home soon.

Mood board 1:  A frame house by Sarah Herman Samuel, sling chair from Weylandts, eucalyptus garland

Mood board 2: Flowering gum (source unknown), bedroom by Ryan Street and Associated, kitchen with bench detailby Kyal and Kara

Mood board 3: Garden room at the White House Daylesford, detail of nursery by Sarah Herman Samuel, Hollywood bedroom with rubber plant, table settingstudio desk by Sarah Herman Samuel, detail from Little Parndon