final palette

Still to choose the final slabs for the kitchen & bathrooms but I am hoping it comes together something like this - textural & timeless

So much agonising behind these final selections.
It needs the green to make it come to life.

sources: teranova tiles | papaya homewares | ay illuminate | cavalier bremworth | these walls
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the farm bathroom inspiration updates

Totally inspired by these bathrooms by Kate Walker Design, and I think I may have found a potential pendant for the master bathroom.

Everything about these bathrooms of Kate Walker Design's insta feed has me feeling I have made the right design choices.  White finger tiles combined with stone tiles, warmed up with wood, and the ah-mazing light fittings.  

I was fretting that my colour scheme was to grey and plain but these designs are so sophisticated and luxe - perfection.

The image below has me convinced about how to lay the tile in the guest bathroom.

I am loving the shape of this bamboo pendant for the master bathroom vanity.  Very elegant but also organic, and a very good price.

Trying to lock in final decisions as we inch towards the build kicking off.

farm... guest bedrooms

This is the bedroom I have the clearest inspiration for.  It is a smaller bedroom but has the luxury of a cosy window seat, perfect for reading and napping.

It is a south and east facing room, not tons of natural light, so I have decided to use a rich blue and simple molding trim to make it moody and cosy.  I imagine the lights on creating pools of golden light.

Looking forward to being able to have people to stay one day.

barn attic bedrooms

I can't wait to see these spaces come to life.  I love rooms tucked into the roof and these ones are going to have such pretty views.  For now the palette is very simple, I imagine adding layers of vintage to make them cosy and textured as we live in them.

From left: rejuvenation sconcecb2 sconcecavalier bremworth samurai 

farm...main bedroom plans

Our main bed is going to be calm and textural, we will bring colour in with art and rugs.  Its pretty long, so we plan to use horizontal cladding on the wall opposite the bed to bring that wall visually closer.

This room is going to evolve as we use it, maybe a dressing table, maybe a sofa, perhaps book shelves.  The doors are north facing so it will be flooded with light and with views out into the garden.  

insta may 19