capsule wardrobe experiment

Well I never! I had a huge sort out of my wardrobe last night, following Caroline of Un-Fancy's 3 Step diy capsule plan, and I am very pleased by the results.  

Caroline has a 3 step plan for paring down your closet, and following Caroline's advice I emptied the wardrobe and only put back in what I love and know I wear.  In 5 minutes I had a very different wardrobe looking back at me.  What really surprised me is how co-ordinated it looked, full of blues and navies, quite a bit of green and filled out with neutrals.  Even my shoes toned in.  Is this pretty selection really all my stuff?

I sorted the shelves next, putting the summer capsule pieces neatly on the lower shelves and the winter pieces I am not using higher up.  

What I like best about the approach is that it is seasonal.  If you aren't wearing it this season it gets put away so your current capsule is uncluttered.  
Looking at my new capsule I am struck by how much neater it looks, it looks like I have had a stylist in to help.

The biggest surprise came when I counted I had 38 pieces including shoes!  I felt I had an over whelming amount of pieces and Caroline's target of 37 was just not achievable.

Instead of having clothes spread across 4 shelves and 3 hanging spaces, I now have a capsule in one hanging space and 2 shelves neatly stacked.  Feeling good!!

I hung my current capsule in the largest most accessible portion of the wardrobe.  
The remaining pieces I have hung separately and sorted into three sections: keepers for different seasons, clothes to try on and reassess, clothes I can't quite part with but which I will discard if I don't wear in the next three to six months.

The walk in is to narrow to photograph so the before and afters just don't do the results justice.  

Highly recommend you read the article on Un-Fancy and then give it a try.

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