welcome 2017!!!

Happy new year to all of you!!!  It has been a rather long, and much needed break.  2016 was a tough one for many of us, and I honestly didn't know just how worn out I was until I stopped.  We spent a restful and restorative three weeks at Currawong Cottage and I am starting the new year feeling refreshed, ready for the challenges of the year.
The countryside and living in a small pared back cottage (with no wifi) always reminds me what is really important in this busy stuff filled world we have created.  With plans to sell our home and start developing the farm in 2017,  this reminder came at just the right time.
Enjoy some of the prettiness of our summer garden, and yes we needed a fire on New Years Day because it was COLD.  All the best for your dreams and plans for the year.  Lets make it a cracker.

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