snap shot of my home

As we head into the final quarter of the year I am looking back at 2015 so far.  Like all years some bits have gone to plan, and there have been unexpected ups and downs to deal with.  Most of our diy energies have been spent getting Currawong Cottage from derelict to a lovely country getaway, while at home it has all been about finishing touches.  At home we have been adding layers, updating rooms, experimenting with layout.  I was so surprised to see the flavour of our home appear on the "My Home" menu page (screenshot below).

I love that it looks so cohesive and I can really see how the homes that inspired me have been interpreted in our space.  

The last big project of the year, finishing the pool cabana, will be a cool addition to the collection and is really going to add to how we live in summer.  It is almost there, just the decorative wood work to add, and it looks pretty fabulous already.  I promise to share soon.  

Plans for the rest of the year?  I would really like to have more time to build things, to create more.  And I would like to entertain more too.  Sometimes I feel that I am so busy creating the space I forget to really enjoy it.  A return to full time work has left me a little time poor but has been very rewarding on other levels, not least that I can indulge in a little retail therapy for the home.  

Still lots to do in 2015, let's all make the most of it.

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