kitchen benchtop transformation with worx multitool

So this was the Currawong Cottage kitchen as we inherited it.  Nobody's dream country kitchen is it.  The tiles had to go.  Now bench tops can be expensive and we don't have much cash to spend on the cottage, but Mr B spotted some reasonably priced laminated wood bench tops at Bunnings.   Winning!!  At first we wanted to take the old tops off, but the cabinets are old and may not have survived.  We decided to simply put the new top straight over the old, securing with glue and screwing the tops down from underneath, up through the old top from inside the cabinets.

New bench tops also allowed us to make the island counter a little wider, it was really narrow.  The extra few cm's make a huge difference when you are cooking.  Overall it was a pretty easy diy, only a few large cuts to size the bench tops, you could get your hardware to do these for you.  EXCEPT for where the top butted up to the wall, here a pesky bit of trim was very much in the way.  Cutting out the trim could have been a nightmare, but my handy Worx Multitool saved the day and put the fun back in the diy.

So this is how it work, place the new counter down and rest the Worx Multitool on it, the blade automatically sits just above it which means your cut will be in the perfect place.  That is handy!  The light makes seeing what you are doing easy, and then the blade just cuts through the trim like butter (see above).  It even cut through some old hidden nails.  Let me repeat, cuts like butter.  What could have been a horrid hour long job took under 5 minutes.  And once the trim was cut the new bench top slid neatly into place, a really good finish.

So I am a total fan of the Sonicrafter Multitool.  You may not need it often, but when you do want to cut off a bit of molding, or sand a difficult to reach corner, or cut through a pipe in an awkward spot, this little beauty is going to save you a lot of time and energy.  Put it on your Christmas list for all the diy enthusiast's in your life.

How amazing is the overall transformation of the Currawong Cottage kitchen!!!  I really love a good before and after, especially one I had a hand in.  

I was given the Worx Multitool but all opinions, as always, are my own.

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