a vintage guide with chairish

I love trawling the auction houses and ebay for a good buy.  There is nothing like the feel of discovering a great value treasure and actually managing to buy it.  I am still mourning the Italian ice glass chandelier I missed out on a few years ago.  I knew it looked good but I didn't know how high to go without over paying.  It might have been mine if I had had a buying guide to help me out.  So I am a fan of this buying guide made by Chairish to help you snag a treasure. Chairish is a fabulous place to shop for pre-loved vintage furniture that other people are parting with.   

Hunt for treasures, or list an item to sell yourself.  I am totally behind reusing quality items, and of course I am always behind saving a little bit of money if you can.  Pop over and see what you can find.  Today I am loving this chair ($347 right now - $1,100 new) this frosted lucite chandelier ($600 seems a good buy) these fabulous brass faux bamboo lamps, I want ($161 for 2 bases!) and this yellow ceramic faux bamboo lamp base ($80!).  

You are going to love this site!

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