the original whiskey ball ...glam like Gatsby

I love love love my oversize ice ball mould from The Original Whisky Ball.  Today I am sharing how fabulous these giant ice balls look in the tipple they were planned for, whisky.  I am a whisky drinker myself and these ice balls have made the experience that much more glam.  If you are not a whisky drinker see how I made a gorgeous lemon slice ball for other drinks here.

The mould is easy to use, simply fill to water level mark on the side, pop in the freezer, and wait until its frozen.  I refill my mould every evening so that I have a supply on hand.

The fab thing is the ice ball melts quite slowly and doesn't dilute your drink as fast as several normal cubes would do.  And of course they just look totally fabulous.

It's so James Bond, and yes I know he was a martini drinker, but they hadn't invented these yet!  I am a convert, The Original Whisky Ball is officially my favourite product of the year so far, and a fabulous present for the guys and girls in your life that have it all.

The Original Whisky Ball supplied a mould for me to test, but as usual, all opinions are my own.  Images by Eva Burgess of Build House Home.

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