#country cottage...bathroom inspiration

Our little country cottage has a really ugly bathroom, and I mean really ugly.  I am talking aqua blue bathroom suite dating to the 1950's, and not the fashionably 1950's, huge old geyser in the room, and a nasty nasty old vanity.  So I am dreaming of redoing it, a really small budget renovation of course, and frankly I don't know if we have the budget, but I can dream right.  So if I find the budget this is what I want to do, take out the bath and replace it with a shower and make a small, bright, white, fresh and clean wet room.  Something along the lines of the rooms below.

Above: Bright, white and light via The Design Chaser, pinterest (can't find the original credit), House & Leisure.  That shouldn't cost to much should it?  

Below: Love the clean lines and herringbone floor in this grey bathroom.  The lining board walls are very achievable, and budget friendly too.
I love subway tiles, I have them in the bathrooms in my home already, but would love to use them in a herringbone pattern on the walls.  

It may be a dream, but its a pretty one.

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