Success! Fireplace before and after!

We are loving the gas fireplace from Real Flame.  I do miss the smell of wood smoke, and the sound of wood crackling and popping as it burns, but I surely do love flicking the switch on and off when ever I want to.  The cement shelf feature makes perfect sense of the end of the room, its hard to imagine it wasn't always like this.  Thanks to my amazing hubby for making this happen.

You got to love it when a design turns out like you wanted it to.  The new new couch arrives in a few weeks (the first one arrived with the bench on the wrong side) and I will take some photo's of the whole room when it does.

The shelf is finished with cement render and we love the finish, adding the cement was the one piece Mr B hired in help for, we were worried about getting a really good finish.  The rest, including the gorgeous timber detail above the fire, was designed and built by him.  Just love it, especially this chilly winter!!

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