Summer brights & unexpected combinations with The Home

I can't wait to share these rooms with you.  This gorgeous colourful home belongs to Lexi Mills, the woman at the helm of The Home, a favourite online store of mine.
Have you discovered The Home yet?  Free membership and stylish quality products at pocket pleasing discounted prices.  I stocked up on white bath towels in a recent sale for a steal.  

Having spent a few hours chatting to Lexi these wonderful rooms make perfect sense.  Lexi is warm and outgoing, fun to chat to, but there is calm determination and a sharp focus when she speaks of The Home and where it is going.  Business is Lexi's second successful career, her first was ballet, she was a professional ballerina in Stuttgart for 8 years.  An unexpected combination for sure.  Clearly this is a woman unafraid of hard work or change, she is disciplined and determined, but I also see a taste for adventure.  A move from ballet to management consulting, Europe to Australia and now leading a fast paced on line retailer.  I am wondering where she will be in ten years time.

When I asked Lexi to share a style secret with us she explained that at the moment she is experimenting with schemes based on two colours that you wouldn't expect to go together.  She used coral and turquoise in the living area, pink and yellow in a bedroom, with a strong classic base of white and neutrals.  
Like Lexi herself, an unexpected combination with a strength and attention to detail, and a warm and inviting feel that creates a very successful whole.  

Its so fresh and vibrant and I love the flamingo!  The rooms are sprinkled with cushions, rugs and bed linen you may find at The Home too.
Lets learn a little more about Lexi.

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All images with permission of The Home: Stylist - Marj Silva, Photography - Lisa Zhu

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