A quick update for the entrance cupboard

You may remember that when we did our Ikea hack on the entrance cupboard we designed a shelf area for baskets and display.  I bought this wonderful wooden bust last year, but it needed more.  Last week I spotted this gorgeous elephant ear design fabric, bright and summery but still crisp and thought it would be a perfect backdrop.  I have been admiring it in my local fabric shop for a while.

You will need:

Make your own:
  • The most difficult part of the revamp is cutting the board to size.  I made my board slightly larger than the niche so that you can't see the edges, it gives a cleaner finish and means you don't have to cut exactly straight.
  • Iron fabric and place right side face down on the floor or table.  Place the board over the fabric making sure you have the design straight.
  • Turn the bottom of the fabric over the bottom of the board and glue to hold in place.
  • Next pull fabric at top firmly over the top of the board and glue in place.
  • Cut notches in fabric at corner, fold neatly, then glue sides in place making sure fabric is stretched taught.
Its a little like wrapping a present with glue and fabric.
The board flexes easily allowing you to bend it so that you can fit into place.  Use 3M picture hanging strips to hold in position.

So pleased with how it turned out, and when we want a change it will be easy to remove and recover.  

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  1. What an amazing difference that made - such a smart idea. I love that fabric too!


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