the busy mums festive season greetings with minted

Every year I mean to send out festive season greetings with a lovely picture of the family, a little update of the year just past, and wishes of peace and love from us to all our family and friends.  The good intentions have never once turned into reality, this time of year has always been just to busy.

So when minted asked me to review their online greeting card system I jumped at the opportunity.  
Could this finally be the year my family card actually gets done?
My test goals: 
- could I create a card in a reasonable time frame.  
  I figure an evening is the most time realistically available for a busy mum
- are the results good looking, good quality and reasonably priced
- can you create a good look without a professional photo of your family
- would I use them again

I was impressed!  Read on for a full review and have a look at some of the mock ups I created in just a few hours (the dashed lines would not be there in the finished product).
It was fun to browse the many different card options available.  They are really pretty and are a great source of ideas for how to set up your own family photo.  These are a few of my favourites below:  photograph from above (left), what a cute idea, and the relaxed shot (right) could easily be taken sitting on the floor against a white wall of your home.
I also love this action shot (below left), an easy way to get everybody smiling and perfect if you are a family of 3.  The card below right is great if you have cute individual pictures, but not a great one of the whole family.
So back to my review.  I didn't have a professional shot.  The action shot I uploaded, zoomed in, and changed to black and white.  I also have some cute Instagram shots, its not quite the crisp professional finish but I love their softness and colours (love Instagram!).
You can easily personalise the inside or back of your card.  Some really cute ideas, I like the nine photo grid, the patterns are pretty, but I would choose the option to write a short message, record a few milestones and give a short update on the family.  Great for people you aren't in touch with regularly, or even just as a reminder of the achievements and joys of the year past.  

Wrapping up - my review findings:

  • You could create a card in an evening.  Allow a little time to find the right photo and play around with the different layouts, its fun and easy to do.
  • The results look great, I am very happy with what I have been able to create.  
  • The prices are good: 25 cards printed front and back, and white envelopes would cost $80.25, $3.20 each.  
  • I haven't seen the final results yet so I will have to update you on the quality when I get them.
  • You can create a lovely card without a professional photo (its another thing always on my to do list that never happens).  An app like Instagram will help you create a pretty shot. 

Its been fun, its been quick, and I am finally going to have the family greeting card that I have always wanted.  Now I just need to remember to post them!!

Note:  this review is my personal opinion and is based on my experience using the minted website.  I would never blog about or recommend a product that I do not believe in.  Thank you minted for sponsoring my beautiful family cards in 2012.

Post script - just received actual cards...
I am very impressed with the print and paper quality.  The people I have given them to so far have loved them!!

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