i've gone global baby...emroidery diy published in "Snowed In"

Snowed In Magazine published its debut issue today and I am very proud to be a contributor!  This free online magazine is the creation of Ashley Pahl of She Makes a Home.   
I designed and made the embroidery below with a full DIY especially for this issue and was delighted when it was accepted.  Also look out for my mulled wine and fresh apple and rocket salad recipes.  If you are planning to cook my busy mum's pork belly this is the salad I serve with it.

I have had a quick read and Snowed In is full of craft, recipes and tutorials, gift ideas. A sneak peek of my mulled wine below, well worth curling up on the couch for a leisurely browse, I am planning a proper read later tonight.

Gift ideas for big and small and a hair tutorial (all images from Snowed In)

Ok now go and read it and let me know what you think!!  And pop in and tell Ashley too, I am sure she would love to know.

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