main bath plans...

Been sifting through my huge inspiration boards making a final short list

I kept coming back to the same images for the bathrooms, many of them by Mim Design.  But the one above (bottom left corner) is still one of my faves.

Our main bathroom is not huge but I hope it will have a luxe feel, with a steam shower with seats at each end, views out onto the hill, and lovely stone look floors.

The finishes are very simple: white boards on the walls on the left and behind the toilet (they look gray in my sketches), marble look tiles that will wrap the steam shower and floors, & brushed brass taps from Brodware.

The pendant needs to be something special and I love the ones from Ro Sham Beaux which are not in my budget.  Will keep searching.

I want the mirror cabinet to be edged with black with a recessed light on the bottom edge, like in the Mim Design above.

Feels to be good to moving from inspiration to definite decisions.  Can't wait until we actually start building.

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