farm guest bath finishes and floor plan

I was getting super confused about this room until my good friend Bina suggested I limited the materials.  Mim Design is my inspiration again (below right) with this textured luxurious space.  Our room is smaller but I want to create the same feeling.

The materials are going to be very similar to those in the master bathroom to create a sense of continuity throughout the whole house.  In this room we are using plain white finger tiles to set off the marble look porcelains.  Fresh and modern but very classic too.

I am totally obsessed with the sconce by Workstead, but working with a lighting designer this past weekend opened my eyes to another option.  So after thinking this plan was final final, turns out the lights might change.

We know that although small, this layout really works, the footprint is identical to the bathrooms we had in a previous home, with a few decorative changes.

Firstly a shelf runs the full length of the bathroom which allows us to recess the toilet into the wall, plus creates a place to stand soaps and shampoos at the basin and in the shower.  

Second, the lighting is going to be better.  We are working with a lighting designer which is going to make sure we get the most of out each space, more on that process soon.  He suggested we replace the scone with pendant on the right of the basin to reflect light and shadows off the walls.  I like, we want to create moodiness, and he showed me a pendant that is just perfect.

Just goes to show you can never call a plan final until it is completely installed.

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