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This recent discovery has changed my skincare routine, and I have never blogged about beauty products before, ever, so you know this must be good.

MV Organic Skincare products are all the good things: organic, simple to use, elegantly packaged, fairly priced.
Better yet they really really work.
And a simple three minute ritual, morning and evening, is all you need to have your skin glowing.  No really, three minutes!  Watch the video below and you will see.

I have been using three of the mv skincare products for a month now and my skin has never felt so soft, so smooth, or looked as good.  

I have never been a huge beauty product user, mainly because I have never really found ones that work for me.  Cleansers strip my skin, makeup remover is either too oily or too stringent, and most moisturisers either leave me feeling they did nothing at all, or make me break out if I use them daily.
But Sharon McGlinchey changed all of this when she gave me three MV Skincare products to try.  

I met Sharon by chance in her new Mosman store, helping with a two person installation job on the new shop fitout designed by a friend of mine.  As I was leaving Sharon gifted me three products to try: the Rose Hydrating Mist, Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser, & Pure Jojoba, and the instruction to watch the video about the Three Minute Ritual.  So I did, and then I tried the ritual out, and now I love them.

The Jojoba removed my make up like magic!  A few drops on a moistened cotton pad, held for 5 seconds over the eyes, and then wiped away lightly.  Much less abrasive than usual and I could see that my skin looked really clean and felt, dare I say it, dewy.

Moisturising is different for night and morning.
At night the ritual is to spritz your face a few times with the Rose Hydrating Mist (to dampen your skin) then apply a 2-3 drops of Jojoba to your palm and smooth over your face with relaxed hands.
Done.  No moisturiser, moisturiser is for the morning.

In the morning spritz you face with the Rose Hydrating Mist, a few drops of Jojoba as before, and then half a pump of the Rose Moisturiser, all smoothed on with relaxed hands.
The Gentle Cream Cleanser can be added to the ritual, but I haven't tried it yet, I plan to.

I haven't talked about the reason Sharon developed the range, or the fact that it is great for people with eczema, acne and other skin problems.  There is lots of information about all these good things here.  I just wanted to share how amazing the products are for me.

The range includes several other boosters, masks, moisturisers & body products, and you can visit the Mosman store for advice, or shop by skin type here.  I highly recommend giving them a try.

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