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The wonderful Monday Morning Cooking Club ladies kindly sent me their latest book "Its Always About the Food" to review, and I love it!!!  Its a collection of heirloom recipes handed down through families over the generations.  Those favourite favourites we all associate with home and childhood.  Not only are the recipes amazing, and the photos gorgeous, but each recipe is linked to the person who contributed it

The Coconut and Lime ice cream is very similar to the recipe I have from my own granny, my own favourite favourite.  So of course this was the first recipe I tested and it is delicious.  It tastes rather like a lime cheesecake, and the texture is fabulously smooth and creamy.  See mine below, I was going to shoot a proper photo but the ice cream was devoured on one sitting so this is an insta snap.

My gran's was a coffee icecream, and I have adapted it for chocolate (which is seriously divine).  I always share my recipe when people ask for it (and they always do), because every time somebody makes it my gran, who was very important in my life, is remembered and her memory lingers in this world.
I recommend you try both and let me know which you prefer.  There will be no complaints from your family.

Interestingly this recipe is from a woman whose mother immigrated from Lithuania to Johannesburg where she ran a successful restaurant.  My gran's mother was also a Lithuanian immigrant to Johannesburg which makes me wonder if the recipe is from South Africa, or extends even further back to Lithuania.

Then I made the Indian Fish Curry.  Best..curry...ever!!!!  
It was easier than I expected to make the curry paste from scratch, and seriously the best curry I have cooked.  The curry was fragrant and complex and warm rather than hot.  It was quite simply divine and worth buying the book for alone.

Next we made fish tacos, delish, and the highlight is for sure the red pickled onions that go with it.  We demolished them over the next few days.  Love the gorgeous pink colour the onions go as they pickle.

I am really loving "Its Always About the Food", the third book from the MMCC.  We have many favourites from the first book in the series, my daughter particularly loves the pancakes baked in chocolate milk.  

If you were wondering about the name, these ladies really do meet, every Monday, to cook and enjoy each others company.  It started as a fun pastime, and grown into three books and hundreds or recipes and histories shared.  
You can see how cute they are below.

Well worth picking up for yourself, or as a lovely gift.  Its one of those books that makes you want to get into the kitchen and cook up a feast to share with friends and family.

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