things to let go of when you move

When you move house each box you pack, ship & store costs you money.  So this move I am going to be putting my dollars into replacing items rather than moving them.  And yes that means we sold & are officially looking for a new home.  Watch this space. 

I won't be taking:
  • the 5 remaining white plates from the set of 12 that I can't get any more of
  • ditto the wine glasses of various discontinued styles
  • the gifts given with such care but never really used (makes me feel guilty already)
  • a varied collection of Ikea candle holders bought for parties over the years
  • the glass jar collection for those jams I am going to make "one quiet afternoon"
  • the old bed linen which the girls have grown out of, or is slightly frayed, or has that one dodgey mark
  • the pillowcases in the large floral print which I thought were a good idea for the guest bedroom (not)
  • the 5 extra bamboo steamers I bought once for a large picnic
  • a (surprisingly large) number of vases whose shapes I no longer like and which I haven't used in at least 5 years
  • any tupperware without a matching lid

Why is it so hard to let these things go!  Reading through the list makes me wonder why I still haven't already!

The dollars I save on moving these things, I am going to put into getting more of this great linen bedding for all our beds.  Something we will enjoy every week and which won't just sit in the back of a cupboard.  Even the cat thinks they are fab.

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