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2017 will be about refreshing and replacing
Trend time again.  Looking backwards and looking forwards I am not seeing a huge change for 2017.  I expect colours to remain softer, tones of pale woods and greys in lighter tones.  I expect fewer pink tones, although I still love them, and more neutrals, more naturals in leathers and wood.  I see pastels in our future, but not sweet ones, these are washed out: pinks like faded rose petals, yellows like soft sunlight, blues from a wintry sea, duck egg greens.

Texture is going to remain big: mongolian wool cushions in soft tones, more linen and velvet fabrics for bedding and soft furnishings.  Honed wood and stone for furniture and finishes.  
Textured neutrals pair well with the oversize photographs of landscapes and succulents that are still so popular, as well as hand crafted ornamental pieces and decorative crystals.

Beautiful storage to make our life easier will always be in style, be it bespoke built ins or collections of baskets.
Indoor plants continue to be huge and I will never get tired of fresh flowers and plants for indoors.  However I am not a huge fan of every surface dripping with greenery and a hanging plant in every corner, reminds me to strongly of the ferns in the 70's bathroom of my childhood.  I am ready for this particular fad to move on.

Perhaps its because moving is on the cards for me this year and I have been thinking about having less rather than acquiring more, but I do think there is a move away from consumerism in interiors.  I don't think I am alone here, people are thinking more about how much they own, whether it adds to your life, or just fills it with stuff.  

2017 will be more about refreshing and replacing    
I think this move away from a more is more mantra is going to have us choosing classic well made items when we are selecting big ticket items.  We are going to refresh our spaces with smaller items, like luxury scented candles, chunky knitted throws, decorative crystals, and soft velvet or wool pillows.

Lets move into the new year with the intention of curating our homes, letting go of past design decisions that clutter up our spaces, and really considering what we add.

Montage 1: calicool bedroom, bird hook, citrine point, agate & eucalyptus
Montage 2: bathroom detail by Canny Design, bone mirror, sconce, knob, photographic print
Montage 3: oak cabinetrysuper white granite, pendants, kitchen by Justine Hugh-Jones

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