xmas spirit...

I love decorating for Christmas, unwrapping the decorations, turning on the lights for the first time, getting out the advent calendar.   This year I am loving simplicity and the use of eucalyptus that is everywhere right now.  I paired metallics and eucalyptus with this table setting a few years ago, and last year I madepastel & metallics advent calendar, this year... not sure yet but it will be simple and hand crafted.

Brown paper star advent calendar, mini posies for gifts or table settings, message in a bottle advent calendar

Sweetest Swedish candle wreath, blue and white floral wreath, star wreathgiant Joy Christmas wreath

I have to admit to feeling pretty exhausted this end of year, its been a busy work year, a full school year for the kids, and an emotional roller coaster with our house on the market.  I think that is why I am drawn to these simple natural designs.  
The festive season should be a pleasure rather than a chore, so I am giving myself permission to relax into this one and just see what happens, do what we enjoy rather than what I feel we should.  
Perhaps there is a life lesson there that it has taken me a rather long time to learn.

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