faux flowers for show forever...

Faux for show!  Yes I have totally changed my tune, but let me tell you fake flowers have never looked so good.  These are not the plastic looking roses with even more plastic dew drops of my childhood, these fake flowers will have you believing they are the real thing.  
Keeping our house styled to show home perfection was always going to be a lot of work, but investing in these faux beauties has definitely made it much easier.  Good fake flowers are expensive, but keeping the house filled with fresh flowers would have cost even more.  

I used amazing double stem orchids in the entrance hall (below) and bedroom (above), definitely my favourite.  Even live orchids look kind of super real, and seriously, I don't think anybody would be able to tell these were faux without looking in the pot at the base.

I bought two large Robert Gordon pots from the Monument range, the perfect size for a cluster of hydrangea heads, and for the large orchids.  I am going to get years of use out of these lovelies.
I chose white, going neutral again, but I love the glazed look of their other finishes.  Liquorice, salt bush and indigo all sound good, its a pity there was nowhere local I could see the pots before ordering.

Selling a home is stressful, and any way you can make the process easier for yourself is a good thing.  And using faux flowers is a definite win.  Make sure you invest in a really quality product, I bought fabulous ones through By Sabine.

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