linen bedding..which is the brand for you?

Are you trying to decide which linen brand to buy?  I have done the agonising for you, today I am sharing the best buy for your dollar.  Luxe for less, that is what we all love right.

I love so many things about linen bedding: the way it is warm but never too hot, the gorgeous crushed look - no ironing required, the fact that you can tumble dry it.
The one thing I don't love is the price!  It is expensive!!  

Brands I have tried personally:
  • Sheridan Abbotson: my top pick.  It is very soft, washes and tumble dries beautifully, and well worth buying on sale.  It is pricey ($529 for a king duvet cover) but there are often 40% sales that are worth waiting for.  I have a flat sheet and pillow cases from this range and I adore them.
  • Adairs Vintage Washed: I bought a duvet cover from this range, it was fairly good value ($329 for a king duvet cover) and is lovely and soft, but the quality is just not the same as the Sheridan product.  Comes in some really pretty colours. I would buy it for the kids or the spare room, but not for my own bed.
  • Ikea Linblomma: a great price at $139 for a duvet and 4 pillowcases.  I bought a set for afew months ago and it is nowhere near are soft as the other products.  It does seem to be getting softer each time I wash it, but after quite a few washes it is still a bit rougher than the other ones.  It also dries a with a more creased less tumbled look.  A good one to buy while you save up for something better.
  • Yves Delorme: I can't find the specific range I bought anymore, but the quality is lovely.  Soft but with a lovely weight and it washes beautifully.  It was extremelly expensive, I only bought mine because it was massively discounted in post Christmas sales.  I can't justify the additional cost over the Sheridan.
  • Pottery Barn:  I bought a pair of these gorgeous crochet trim pillow covers a few years ago.  A gorgeous soft product and I love the crochet detail.  Similar price to the Sheridan.  I would buy more of these but they no longer seem to be available in Australia.

At the end of the day the Sheridan Abbotson range wins out for me.  It is a gorgeous product.  And if you catch it on sale you are getting a great deal.

There are lots of other products out there:

As you can see above even the curtains in my bedroom are linen, and both the accent cushions on the bed are too.  Slightly obsessed as I said before.
Do you have any favourite brands? I would love to hear your top picks and best value buys.  

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