diy mid century modern entrance light

Finding the right design has been really tricky for several reasons, mainly that everything we liked was had a price tag in the thousands.  Also, even with ceilings of 2.7m your really need a flush mount light or it hangs to low.  The final design was made by the talented Mr B, seriously how amazing is he. 

I saw something similar online made from cast iron, very pretty, very expensive, and very heavy.  Mr B made this one from wood and then finished it with a rust effect paint finish.  Much cheaper, much lighter to hang, and easier to work with as you create the design.

Mr B lost me at stage one of this build, but I can tell you it is made from strips of wood, glued or slotted together to create the sculpture.  
Mr B made a ceiling sconce to match that covers the electrical point, hides the cables, and creates a structure that the light hangs from.  You can just see the four suspension wires at the corners of the ceiling sconce.  A sheet of frosted acrylic diffuses the light, which is created by a LED rope from Ikea that runs around the interior.

If any of you have questions about the construction leave a comment and I will get a reply to you.

It looks amazing!  Very high end and just the right sculptural look for our modern home.  At night it glows and throws fabulous shadows on the ceiling.

This one took a lot of time, mainly because we had the concept but no fixed plan, but it ended up costing only a few hundred dollars, plus it is totally perfect for the space.

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