miss e's bedroom gets a tween make over

I can't believe one of my babies is heading for her teens.  In celebration of her recent birthday I surprised her with a mini makeover of her bedroom with the help of Trudy from HOME etcetera.  Its becoming an important place for her to listen to music and chat with friends, and it was time for more grown up doona covers and cushions.  

You can see in the before picture (below) we had already updated the old cast iron bed, chopping of the footer and making a soft and cuddly padded headboard.  There are lots of headboard diy's out there, its easy to do and inexpensive.  The cost of board, foam, padding and fabric for this bed was under $100, far cheaper than buying a new bed.

I wanted to keep the curtain, which Miss E chose when we first moved in, she still loves the fresh colours, but it did limit my options with doona covers and cushions.  The painting is by my mum.  In the end I chose the lovely soft grey Derwent flannelette set with small white cross detail, the grey is a soft contrast to the bright curtains and cushions.  Miss E would never hold with something to girly and this is look is pretty without being either to sweet or to grown up.

With the doona I chose several velvet cushions in shades of blue, a silver ikat style pillow, and the Cisco European pillow case with black crosses on white cotton.  The cushions toned in with a modern geometric pillow we already had.  I know there are to many cushions, the interior designers of this world would disapprove, but I knew Miss E would want tons to snuggle into, and plenty to share with her friends.

I also added a lot of extra storage with a new piece from Ikea, from the nordli range, its really sturdy and has lots of drawers for all the important things that my little collector likes to keep.  And it created a lovely place to make a small display and for her bedside lamp.

Miss E is delighted with it, she has been keeping her new room neat as a pin she is so pleased with it, an unexpected bonus for me.  And yes designers she really did need all of those pillows.

If you are thinking of an update pop into Trudy's lovely online store, with its lovely linen and gorgeous cushions you are sure to find those finishing touches for your own space.

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