Softly industrial...inspiration for a new room renting decor

A friend of mine has just rented a new place and is looking for some advice about what furniture to buy.  I think rugs and lighting are the perfect starting point, they create a real base for your room and are easy to take with to your next home.   

Looking back, the two large kilim rugs I bought 15 years ago have stayed with us through changes of taste, a new family, and multiple homes, they were a fabulous investment.  
In a rental a rug will also go some way to hiding ugly carpet or tiles that wouldn't be your choice.

Light fittings in rentals often tend to the cheap and nasty.  Lamps are a cost effective way of improving the lighting and adding your taste to the space.  We had a hideous pendant in our previous rental and the best thing I ever did was replace it.  I never regretted the expense of an electrician to take it down, and put it back up before we left.

Buy some simple glass vases (look out for great bargains at $2 shops) and fill with fresh flowers, your space will feel more like home immediately.

Simple peonies,  PB Kilim, Titan lamp from Freedom, Wool kilim from Loom, Beaded Chandelier

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