the spirit of giving...what to do with preloved toys

Its a good time of year to sort out the toys, Christmas is around the corner and our lucky children are sure to be getting presents.  They have been good so it will be presents rather than coal.  

Its the perfect time to sort through the toys we have:
  • throw away the broken, 
  • regroup the sets that have become scattered, 
  • separate preloved toys for regifting
This year in addition to their own stockings, my children will have a regifting santa sack where they can put toys that can be passed onto children who need them.  
It is hard to find places in Australia which will accept quality preloved toys, but I have managed to find a few places who do take them: 
  • Your local police station may accept soft animals that children in a traumatic situation can be given to cuddle, 
  • Family refuge centres (like Ozcare) will also accept toys if they have a family with children of the right age, 
  • Foster care centres will pass age appropriate toys onto children in care
  • Childrens Hospitals
  • Lifeline shops accept games and books.  
If anybody has any other suggestions please let me know, I do hate the idea that old toys just go to the tip.

Cute xmas tree decor: Star, gold holly ball, silver bell wreath, fairy wren penguin, gumnut koala  

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