How to get your beauty sleep and create a relaxing bedroom

The festive season is fun but busy, and we all need our beauty sleep to be at our best.
Take a moment to create an area of private relaxation in your bedroom, a space where you can unwind from the silly season.

My essential list for creating a bedroom where you can rest, relax, and revive your energies.

  • A few fresh flowers.  Just a few blooms cut from your garden are lovely, scented if possible.  You would do it for house guests, this season do it for yourself too.  
  • When you have guests staying, or children home during the holidays, let your bedroom be your retreat, a little oasis where you can have a little quiet time.  Make sure you have a few extra pillows so you can sit comfortably, a snuggly throw to cover your feet, and a good book handy to dip into.  
  • Trinket box for festive season bling.  Tis the season for getting dressed up, a handy trinket box on the bedside table will keep your party bling in check.  
  • Make sure you have enough pillows if you are having guests to stay.  Last time we had guests I realised little Miss J had moved into a big girl bed and we were a few pillows short.  Plan ahead so that everybody will be comfortable.
  • Bamboo cotton pillow cases.  Soft, yet silky, the only pillow cases I use at the moment.
  • Keep a notebook in your bedside table, for making notes, doodling, and writing to do and shopping lists.
  • Open your windows and let in the lovely fresh air.  Well I guess this only works if its summer where you are. 
This post was written in collaboration with Sleepmaker, but as usual all opinions are entirely my own.

Boxes from Freedom Cow hide rug turned headboard Chiang Mai Dragon in mocha

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