Weylandts to open in melbourne

I often pop in at the Weylandts website to have a look at their furniture and moodboards.  It is one of the stores I miss most from Cape Town.  Great styling and good prices and I always loved their showrooms.  This is a styling story that I always associate with good South African design, modern but textured, high end gloss with organic shapes.
So I was very excited to see they are planning to open a showroom in Melbourne this October.  I am very interested to see what they bring, I am hoping its going to be lots of lighting because I can never find anything interesting and affordable in Australia.  

I still love the Anenome lamp, imagine how dramatic it would look over my outdoor table against the black walls!!  They used to stock a coco stick chandelier which I coveted for years.  Perhaps they will bring it back!!
So have a sneak peak at the type of look they have and I will let you know when and where as soon a I find out.  Just another reason to pop down to Melbourne sometime soon.  As if slow cooked eggs at Cumulus wasn't temptation enough.

Who can resist a crochet kudu!!!

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