Corner modular search part 1...who has been sitting on my chair

I feel like Goldilocks.  I have been going from showroom to showroom testing couches.  Some were to hard, some were to soft, some were to lumpy, many were to ugly.
I want a corner sofa for our lounge.  Our chesterfield sofa is just the wrong size and its time to move on.  
We need somewhere we can cuddle up as a family to watch TV and read, comfortable but not too precious, we are a family with a two year old after all.  Modern enough to fit in with the style of our home but classic enough to test the time.  Something like these.
Love the combination of leather and felt look fabric via Four Walls and a Roof.  If anybody knows where its from please let me know.
This one just looks so inviting from Interiorholic.
Another big square design in grey, I like the shelf that is part of the base on the right (Archimagz).
An option from Matt Blatt - the Massina retails at around $3,000.  I didn't love it when I saw it in store but it is a great price for the size.
I love everything about this built in unit designed by Jessica Helgerson.  See the rest of this amazing Brooklyn brownstone on Design Sponge.  Love the colours, the book shelves, the grey wall, it reminds me of her Tiny House lounge which I featured here.

This is the one I really love from Lounge - the Osbourne.  But I have yet to find out what it costs.  I like the armless design on the left, I think that style will make our sofa look more inviting as you look towards the living room.  At the moment you see the side of the sofa and seems to stop people going over and sitting down.  

The Wyatt from Lounge is a contender too but just to big for my space.  I like the chunky shape and the ottoman at the front.  Lounge products are available through Boyd Blue.  They are a bit more pricey, from $3,630 + fabric (Osbourne), and $3,960 + fabric (Wyatt) for these configurations.  They are a lot more comfortable though, and their good classic looks should make them a good investment.

I am a little nervous of moving away from the convention sofa look, but I think its the right design for our house and lifestyle choice for our home.

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