Don't you love...Shared rooms

The Easter long weekend and school holidays make me dream of a little getaway of our own.  Something small and simple and surrounded by lots and lots of nature and not many people.
With a sweet sunny small room for my girls to share.  
A favourite room of mine by House Beautiful; fabric from Raoul Textiles.
I had fun pairing pretty fabrics with my shared room inspirations.  A tiny bit of fabric goes a really long way with simple furniture and white walls.
Gorgeous shared room by Caitlin Wilson via Design Sponge, fabric from Raoul Textiles. 
Although I love the quality and designs, the Raoul Textiles are extremely frustrating.  You can only find them at the agent in Australia, and then you must buy through a designer, even worse you can't even view the range online.  Its the worst business plan I have ever heard of: "lets design the most gorgeous fabric range that comes in ever shade and tint of colour, and then lets not market it! Lets hope some interior designer will think to promote them to their clients."
Anybody else confused?

Fresh blue and white room from Coastal Decorating, fabric from Raoul Textiles.
I almost didn't include these frustratingly gorgeous fabrics because of this nonsense but they are so right for these projects that I couldn't leave them out.  Lets hope the company catch up to this century soon.

Left - my favourite attic room again; Right - pretty vintage feel bedroom via Shared Design
Whinge session over, back to dreaming about gorgeous shared rooms with matching wooden beds, simple linen and gorgeous cushion covers, and finding the perfect piece of furniture to go between them.
Gorgeous white and purple via Bloom.  Indian Pear cotton by Robert Kime
How cute is this tiny attic room.  Miss E would love it, and Miss J would love it because her sister is in it.

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  1. I came here while searching for info about a Raoul Textiles fabric that's in a wildly popular bedroom that was originally published in Better Homes & Gardens in the US, but has been pinned and repinned thousands of times on Pinterest.

    They are missing such a great opportunity by now promoting themselves a little more! Several times when I've found the image, there are comments asking where the bedspread (made of Raoul fabric, but don't ask me which one!) is from.


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