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This Mothers Day give the special women in your life a LiveFashionABLE scarf.  This is not just a gift from you, its a gift of hope to the women who make them and their families.  
Its not a donation, its not a handout, its a sale that will keep the business sustainable, and a sustainable business will give the weavers and their families a future.  The crux of this business is empowerment, and what its employees are ABLE to do with their lives, these are some of their stories.

Frehiwot scarves in Marigold and Rose Red.LiveFashionABLE employs women who were forced into the sex trade to support their families, a question of survival not choice.  Anybody who has lived in Africa knows that women are the heart of the continent, they keep their families alive through good times and bad, with love, dignity and very hard work.

Saba infinity scarves in Citrus and Rose.
Two scarves I designed were finalists in the competition LiveFashionABLE ran at Alt Summit, I am hoping one of them might make it into production later this year, I will keep you posted.  The winning scarf has just been released, called the Genet for the weaver that made her, and for the Janette that designed her, its a sophisticated black and white, perfect for the coming winter season.

At Alt SLC I met Barrett who is the force behind this amazing company. Its always inspiring to meet someone who is really making a meaningful difference to our world.  The scarves are priced from $36, for just $36 you can make a real difference too.

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