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I decided that short of having a super stylist come and play in my home I should try and learn the secrets of styling myself.  This does not mean I will be able to do it, but I will be better prepared to give it a try.  Here is what I learned from these pretty pictures.
Ideas to copy
1 - fresh flowers make a room or photo sing, even just a few stems in a jam jar 
2 - neat piles of pretty books
3 - antlers     I wasn't expecting antlers in the mix but they turned up in a few photos (not just 
these ones).  Not sure where I am going to find antlers in Australia, a lovely piece of driftwood would be a good substitute, will have to go for a walk on the beach.

4 - Candles in a flat bottomed bowl
I love the candles in the flat bottomed silver bowl (above left).  Makes the candles even more of a feature than they would be, easy to move and will catch melted wax.  

5 - Great editing
This is the hard one to live.  My family are forever dropping crayons, paper, socks and toys on the surfaces I am trying to keep clear and pretty.  In these photos all the admin of life is hidden, they are so tranquil, they make us believe that life in these home is just about reading and candles.  

Love the animals in the vignettes above.  I have lots of little creatures around the house.

Images from left to right: top via Gild and Grace, horns via By Gabrielle;  Mint Six & Pretty Stuff; My Design ChicPhoebe Howard

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  1. My family are just like yours, dumping stuff all over the place...I guess I can be just as bad, particularly when it comes to shoes and hats!! Would be so nice to keep the place neat and beautiful some of the time:) I love that jam jars are used as a vase, great recycling!


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