mirror mirror... on the floor

The mirror project - big isn't it.  It will go above the antique bread bin you can see reflected on the opposite wall.  You can just see my desk reflected through the doorway. You can't see the wires underneath it unless you are sitting on the floor in the hall like I am now.  Ok ok, its on the to do list.  What do you think?

I am not loving the gold and black frame so I am going to have a go at making it look better.  
Paints and brushes at the ready!


  1. Love the texture to the frame - what colour do you plan on painting it? It will make that area look really HUGE!

    1. I am experimenting with colours as I go. It has an undercoat of french blue, an overcoat of soft copper, and next I am going to rub in some brown. Who knows where it will end!!


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