some pretties...

So I haven't been posting much lately...  
A combo of the day job being very busy at this time of year, school holidays, and a bad bout of flu.  Sometimes you just have to let that one extra thing go, and for the past few weeks it has been being creative.  As the saying goes "I can do anything, but I can't do everything".
These pretty things have been getting the creative juices are restarted so thought I would share in case life has been getting to you too.

Gorgeous styling in a San Fran apartment.  

The cleverest lettering diy I have seen in a while.  May be doing something similar soon.

Anything by Amber Interiors...seriously

This styling by Tess Neustad

This entrance

This cute narrow bathroom
Because next time I am putting in a smaller bath too, big one takes to long to fill and uses to much water.

Back to the sofa for now, more soon...

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