How to warm up Scandi style

Scandi style is huge right now.  We all love the less is more look, the stylish essentials and monochrome colour schemes.  We want the simplicity, but there has been a shift in how we are living with Scandi.  We want Scandi warmed up with softer contrasts, a little more heart, and by heart I mean more lived in, warmer, more of your own personality (see my 2016 trend report).  

Dennis Family Homes, who believe "It takes a Family to make a Home", asked me to share my top tips for warming up Scandi style. 

Use linen for beds & cushions
There is just something about the texture of linen. It is the perfect fabric for creating textural layers in white on white schemes, or for introducing soft shades of colour.  It is unfussy simplicity without being bland, it looks lived in without feeling messy.  
Linen is increasingly everywhere in my home, from gorgeous printed cushions in the living room to tumbled looking sheets on the beds.

Keep it fresh with plants
Plants are the quickest and cheapest way to add vibrancy and life to a cool modern scheme.  Sit large plants on the floor, let them drape off shelves, or place a single leaf in a cut glass vase.  It doesn't matter how, just add lots of fresh green.

Lush ferns and structural succulents or (the blog world fave) fiddlewoods are easy to look after and much cheaper than buying fresh flowers every week.  Sit them in baskets or brushed brass rather than traditional flower pots. But if you want fresh flowers bunches of eucalyptus, peonies or proteas are my fave.   

Softening the contrast with blush, grey and brass
Soften up a monochromatic look with small subtle additions in your finishes, a little added colour goes a long way.  It doesn't matter if your Scandi starting point is white or black because both love pink, grey and brass. 
  • blush cushions
  • hang soft grey curtains 
  • decorate with brushed brass trays and vessels.

Warm up Scandi style by...adding naturals
It is the layering of texture on texture that builds a space that feels lived in, warm and inviting.
  • Warm up a minimal look by adding natural finishes: wool rugs, wooden furniture where you can see the grain, handcrafted pieces, sheepskin throws, aged leathers, marble and stone.  
  • Don't go crazy with colour, try and keep items neutral in greys tones, charcoals and whites, waxed wood rather than gloss varnish.  
  • It is the layering of texture on texture that builds a space that feels lived in, warm and inviting.
  • Add geodes for a hint of sparkle, petrified wood for mystery.

Mix vintage with modern, hand crafted & organic with industrial
Soften the modern edges by adding objects with patina and character: aged leather, waxed woods, interesting ceramics, industrial objet.  See how well it works below: an antique desk, a collection of aged objects paired with the uber modern iMac.  This is your chance to break the rules a little, add things you adore.

Keep it curated
This look is simple but comfortable, informal but uncluttered.  It is peaceful rather than perfection.  Edit what you own, buy what you love. 

Today's post is sponsored by Dennis Family Homes, builders of quality stylish modern, minimalist homes just waiting for you to add your personality, your touch of heart.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

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