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A good before and after transformation is my favourite thing, and if they rock your world too you are going to love the project reveals by Amber Interior Design.  Amber's projects ooze a relaxed and inviting California cool style.  I love how she mixes vintage, mid century and modern to create individual spaces for her clients.  And I love the names she gives each client: #client cool as a cucumber #client double thumbs up #client freakin' fabulous

I am really inspired by her transformations.  I have been trying to put my finger on what she does that lifts these rooms to the next level.  

  • Great rugs in each space, and really big ones too, ground each space.
  • Art everywhere: above beds, behind couches and definitely over credenzas.  I love the art she uses, lots of naturescapes and of course the beach and water photos that have been so big the past year or so.
  • Fabulous fabrics on cushions in bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Adventurous bathrooms with great graphic tiles or wallpapers.
  • Interesting lighting over dining tables and kitchen bench tops, great wall mounted lamps in bedrooms, fab sconces in bathrooms.
  • Bench seats in bedrooms and dining areas (I am a fan already, see Currawong Cottage here)

I have a little design crush, can you tell?

I love how these spaces feel, they are so finished and complete, but not over styled.
Head on over to the Amber Interiors page to see more of these fab before and afters, I have spent whole evenings poring over every detail. 
And make sure to check out the Amber Interiors Shoppe, stuffed full of art, textiles and objet, and yes they ship to Australia.  
Sigh... so many pretty things...

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