pool cabana work in progress

This is one of those projects that has taken quite a while.  Below you can see the space as it was, a lovely spot but very sunny which makes watching the kids in the pool a hot job, the midday sun in Sydney is fierce.  We also needed to create a privacy screen for the new house being built next door.  

The inspiration is tropical resort style luxury, I want people to feel they have walked out into their own private villa on a super stylish holiday.  Read more about the fabulous bean bags here, and yes they are as comfy as they look.

So this is where we are so far and how we got there...

The structure is up, the roof is on, and we have painted it black to tie in with the house.
Still to do: finish ceiling, cladding for the back wall, add decorative screens on the sides, and add up lights for the evening.
We haven't quite decided how yet which is why it isn't finished.

It has totally changed how we use the space and added a real sense of drama to the outdoor entertaining space.  

Cannot wait to get it all styled up and share when it is finished at last.

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