the fab worx high pressure cleaner

I have been wanting to get my hands on high pressure sprayer for the longest time, so when Worx tools sent me their high pressure cleaner to test I could not wait to get it outside and give it a go.  And let me tell you it is even better than I hoped.  It is fab!!  
I spent a very happy morning sprucing up the walls, steps, tiles and cars.  Works a treat on bird poo which we seem to have a lot of.  The long handle made reaching the bird poo wall graffiti easy to remove, how do they even aim there!

No more bird poo on the steps at the front door.  Or the car!  I can't normally reach the bird poo on the roof of the car but again the long handle made the roof easy to clean.  No more Jackson Pollock bird art on the sun roof!

Was most impressive on the outdoor tiles below.  The tiles in the drying yard literally changed colour before my eyes.  It removed more dirt than I realised was even there and took off moss easily.  The tiles are back to being as good as new.  You really can see how effective it is in the pics below, especially the bottom one which has half done and half to go.

I wish I had taken photos of the travertine tiles on the verandah too, I didn't think they were that dirty so I didn't, but this transformation was just as impressive.  I had no idea they had accumulated so much dirt, especially in the grout lines.  Again good as new afterwards.

The cleaner packs away pretty neatly, the trigger gun clips neatly into the back and keeps the electric cord and pressure hose from unravelling, and it is  easy to carry around.  But don't put to far away, you will want to use it again soon.

Best of all is the price, I found it online for $90 including delivery today, that is a super price for the utility of this cleaner, it saves so much time and energy.  Well worth putting on the Christmas list for anybody who likes taking care of their home.

I was sent the Force 110, model G601 to test, and I love it.  I really love this product!  It was easy to use and made what felt like a huge job not only achievable but enjoyable too.  I can see we will be using it a lot.  Would a highly recommend a Worx high pressure cleaner for your house too.

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