jenny wolf design inspiration

I have to share this amazing Noho loft by Jenny Wolf Interiors.  Its a gorgeous muted but textured interior with lots of luxe details.  I just adore the chevron marble tiles with the brass shower hardware, and the detail in the wood and handles of the wardrobe door, sigh...  Skip down for more eye candy and pop by the Jenny Wolf site to see more of their lovely work.

So much to like in the entrance below.  I always love distressed mirrors, and am a huge fan of a bench near the entrance where you can put your shoes on.  Clearly in my home with my children a bench like this could not be used for display.  Those floors are awesome, love the colour of the door and trim, and adore the light.  I could live here tomorrow.

Love the painted brick wall with the crisp kitchen.  Just so lovely...

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