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When my stylish friend Bina from By Sabine told me she had ordered a navy couch earlier in the year I thought that it was a really brave and unusual choice.  Bina said no, that in Hamburg, where she is from originally, navy is a very classic choice, about as brave as me ordering a white couch.  Later at home I looked around the room and realised there was a lot of navy in the fabrics I had chosen, even the black fireplace wall has a deep navy tone to it, not dissimilar to the wall in the room below.  I had to laugh, sometimes you go down a road without even realising it. 
Then I looked through my Pinterest pins and realised there was a hefty dose of navy, with a bit of brass thrown in, there too.  Made me realise that navy is really gorgeous, so thought I would share with you too. 
These pics above are from my home.  I adore the Schumacher fabric and while it has many colours in it, the navy is quite a strong feature.  I also adore the greens and the corals, well what's not to like about the Chiang Mai dragon full stop.
I bought the ikat style fabric recently and only really noticed it was navy rather than charcoal once I was home.  And ofcourse there is every shade of blue in the gorgeous painting by my mother.  I love how the brass lamp looks against this painting.  Even my husband wore his navy and white shirt when I shot this Whisky Ball post.

I adore the navy kitchen with its crisp white contrast and brass tapware.
And the navy sea grass wallpaper from this master bedroom from this year's The Block is just divine too.  Navy with white and brass, its managed to get into my own home without me even knowing.

Images from top: navy dining room, selection of images from my own home, navy kitchen, glass pendants with brass detail, navy master bedroom from the Block triple threat

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