living room update...the new couch is finally here

After months of waiting, an the first couch being delivered with the chaise on the wrong side, the new couch is finally here.   Its amazing how different this room feels, so much larger even though the couch is pretty huge.  My new favourite space is the end of the chaise next to the fire, every body in the family has their favourite spot and its plenty big enough for all of us to stretch out on.  Success!  And I was really nervous that it wasn't going to work.

Today the coffee table has white wax flowers on it, in my white makeover vase (see diy here) and copper candlestick (still to do a diy for this one).  Soft and pretty, would prefer tulips really but the tulips were all too far opened for me to buy.

I have moved the cat painting that was on the back wall to behind the dining table, much better, but now this space is crying out for something else.  I may have to try my hand at making something myself.
I still can't believe the transformation, the space finally makes sense (see how it was below).  But I do think it needs some of that green back.  A home is never finished is it, just an ever evolving space.
The best change is that when we had people over recently, everybody sat in the living room.  Before they would sit at the table or the kitchen counter.  And with the fab new couch there was space for everybody!!

Have a lovely weekend everybody

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